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Phonics and Reading

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Twinkl Phonics (synthetic phonic scheme DfE approved)


At All Saints we follow Twinkl Phonics and Twinkl reading scheme to teach your child early reading skills. 
Phonics is taught through a highly structured approach of daily lessons across the foundation stage, Key Stage 1 and to children in Key Stage 2 who need additional support to read.  


What is the Phonics Screen?

At the end of Year 1, normally the beginning of June, children in Year 1 will sit The Phonics Screening Check . This is an informal check that is meant to show how well your child can use the phonics skills they have learnt up to the end of Year 1, and to identify children who need extra phonics help going into Year 2. Some children in Year 2 may retake the Phonic Screen if they have not passed it in Year 1. 

The Department for Education defines the checks as “short, light-touch assessments” that take about four to nine minutes to complete,

containing 40 real and nonsense words. For more information click on the Phonic Screen link.


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