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Meet Our Team

"Learning for Life, Building a firm foundation"

Mrs Harrison,   Headteacher,   Designated Safeguarding Lead
Miss Edwards,   Deputy Headteacher,   Year 6 Teacher,   Safeguarding
Mrs Clynes,  Nursery Teacher
Miss Lomas,   Reception Teacher,  Safeguarding
Mrs Cheema,   Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Sandu,   Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Seaman,   SEN Co-ordinator Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Cooke,   Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Korzeniewski,   Year 4 Teacher
Mr Woolcock,   Year 5 Teacher
Mrs Lusty,   Pastoral Manager
Miss Rouse,   Learning Mentor
Mrs Leigh,   Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Evans,   Senior Early Years Educator
Mrs Bicknell,   Early Years Educator
Mrs Costello,   Teaching Assistant
Mrs Walford,   Teaching Assistant
Mrs Durbin,   Teaching Assistant
Mrs Carey,   Teaching Assistant
Mrs Carreira,   Teaching Assistant
Mrs Stanley,   Teaching Assistant Individual Support,   Breakfast Club Playworker
Mrs O'Hagan,   Teaching Assistant Individual Support
Miss Cunningham   Teaching Assistant Individual Support,   After School Provision Playleader
Mrs Thompson,   Teaching Assistant Individual Support
Miss Steptoe,  Teaching Assistant Individual Support,   Breakfast Club Playworker
Mrs Johnston,   Teaching Assistant Individual Support
Mrs Hallam,   Teaching Assistant Individual Support,   After School Provision Playleader
Ms Barnes,   After School Provision Playleader Supervisor
Mrs Casey,   Speech & Language Specialist
Mrs Painter,   School Business Manager
Mrs Frankum,   Attendance Coordinator
Miss Clayton,   Administration Assistant
Mr Littler,   Site Supervisor
Mrs Hyde,   Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs Clarke,   Midday Supervisor
Mrs Reid,   Midday Supervisor
Mrs Paradowska,   Midday Supervisor
Miss Lodge,   Midday Supervisor
Mrs Edwards,   Midday Supervisor
Miss Dodd,  Midday Supervisor
Mrs Khalifa,  Midday Supervisor Individual Support
Mrs Powell, Breakfast Club Playworker Midday Supervisor 
Mrs Fyfe,  Breakfast Club Playleader,  Cleaner
Mrs Patel,  Midday Supervisor,   Cleaner
Miss Beale,   Cleaner
Mrs Bennett, Cook in Charge
Ms Phair, Catering Assistant
Ms Hanson,  Catering Assistant
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