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Our Vision

"Learning for Life - Building a Firm Foundation"

'Learning for Life - Building a Firm Foundation'


As a church school, we believe that a Christian foundation to learning will benefit

children, helping them to understand how important it is to care for and be tolerant

of each other.


We aim to give all children the best possible start to their life long learning. There

is a happy and caring atmosphere within school where children can learn, grow

and develop together. We plan our teaching so that children's individual needs are

catered for.


       Our School Aims

  • To promote our school Christian values of Peace,Hope,Faith,Truth and Love throughout the life of the school.

  • To encourage all within the school community to be kind, caring and forgiving towards one another.

  • To promote the development of healthy, independent and confident children.

  • To provide a secure and stimulating environment in which all children feel safe.

  • To promote responsible citizenship through a supportive partnership between families, church and the wider community.

  • To challenge and enable all children to achieve future goals, aspirations and dreams.

  • To provide an exciting curriculum which inspires enjoyment of learning, celebrates diversity and helps all children to do their best.

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