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Guinea Pigs

Official School Photo

Hello everyone at All Saints.


We are Oreo and Hobnob the resident guinea pigs, we live with our mum, Mrs Lusty when we are not in school. We have been living in school during the week since May half term. We love living in school and since we have become more confident we now like to have time outside in our big run in the courtyard.

Here is a little bit of information about us both; our names were chosen by the children in school, we think they're great.


I am black and white and I am beginning to like cuddles. I love red peppers and cabbage to eat. I enjoy running around my hutch and eating all the yummy food mummy gives us. I like to hide in my tunnel and sleep inside my house. My sister is a bit shy but I make her feel safer by talking to her a lot.


I am black, white and ginger. I occasionally get a few early warning signs when someone picks me up, but I am enjoying it a bit more every day. I enjoy eating hay, but my favourite is the yummy dandelions mum gives us to eat. I like to sleep in my house but I also enjoy sleeping on top of my hay. I feel really safe when my sister talks to me and sits next to me.

Please can we ask you all to read the Guinea Pig code of conduct, this tells you all about how we will be looked after in school and how children should behave around us.

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