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Wellbeing Warriors

Worry Stones

Our Wellbeing Warriors completed a mindfulness activity by making Worry Stones out of polymer clay. They selected 2 colours which they twisted and roll into a snake and finally moulded into a ball and then pressing their thumb to make a smooth thumb sized indent.

While they were being baked in the oven we practiced deep breathing techniques. We then wrote messages explaining how to use the Worry Stones.



Wrap you hand around me,

Give a rub and say -

Be gone all my worries and sadness,

Today is going to a wonderful day.


Feeling sad?

Having a bad day?

I am with you every step of the day!

Take the stone between two fingers

And rub your worries away.


Some of our Wellbeing Warriors went around the school gifting them for adults and classes of children to use whenever they feel overwhelmed or stressed. Then demonstrated how to use the stones and shared the benefits of deep breathing and mindfulness.

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