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At All Saints we are one big family.


Mrs Clynes

Nursery Teacher and Foundation Stage Leader.


Mrs Evans

Senior Early Years Educator, Stay and Play Manager and First Aider


Mrs Bicknell

Early Years Educator.


New to Nursery Induction Information can be found in the 'Nursery Class' page.

Nursery: up to 39 children

Our Nursery offers free, full-time and part time places from the age of 3.  Initial entry into Nursery follows a carefully planned programme.  Before a child starts in our Nursery, a number of visits are made, both to the child's home and visits into the school, so the child becomes comfortable with the staff and the setting


We understand that young children learn through play, so we create a happy and relaxed atmosphere, children are offered structured learning opportunities, both indoors and outdoors, where we plan a wide range of purposeful activities to support the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, making learning fun and exciting. The children are able to free flow between the indoor and outdoor learning environment. We have an outdoor classroom enabling children to play outside whatever the weather. This facility gives us greater flexibility and enhances the children's learning environment. The learning environment is set up to promote independence, encouraging children to make decisions and choose activities for themselves. Children will also take part in regular group sessions, phonics, maths, music, PSHE, RE and PE. They have weekly sessions in the hall when they develop physical skills.  Children have snack, story and discussion times in small groups with their key worker.

When children enter Nursery this is their first year in the Foundation Stage which finishes at the end of Reception. We teach children a broad range of knowledge and skills that provide the right foundation for good future progress through school and life.


The curriculum in the Foundation Stage is organised into six areas of learning.

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Nursery 2020 First Weeks

Prime Areas of Development

Children will mainly develop the 3 prime areas of development in their very early years which are:

  • communication and language

  • physical development

  • personal, social and emotional development

These areas of learning are essential for your child's healthy development and enable them to gain life long skills. Our children develop through being active, creative and critical thinking which takes place outdoors and indoors.

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Nursery 2020 First Weeks

Four Key Areas of Learning

The four specific areas of learning support the prime areas of your child's learning.


  • Literacy

  • Mathematics

  • Expressive arts and design

  • Understanding of the world

We plan activities to support all the 6 areas of learning. Activities are carefully planned to meet each child's individual needs to enable them to make good progress.