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Stay and Play

What does the session offer?

The session offers a short play session for children, while offering new play ideas for their parents and carers, enabling children to develop new skills, including confidence and independence. Each session is held in a relaxed environment, with toys and activities that promote learning through play, for you and your child to enjoy together. Sessions are planned from the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, supporting your childs development and learning.

Stay N Play

Role play

Healthy Eating

We provide a healthy snack

and drink for children to encourage healthy eating habits.

Stay N Play

Soft play

Stay N Play
Stay N Play

Seasonal activities and a regular yearly visit from Santa

Art and craft activities

Books, stories, nursery rhymes and songs

Parent / carers comments:

"My two love coming to stay and play and are always asking when its time to come again".

"Staff are friendly and welcoming".

"I really enjoy it because I get the chance to talk to  other parents"

"He enjoys playing with all the toys and making new friends"

"Interacting with other children helps them prepare for nursery and become familiar with their surroundings". Parent comment

"My children love coming to Stay & Play. They enjoy the freedom of play. All the people that run the group are amazing, kind and funny. The children's snack is great and the adults being about to gave the option of a hot drink us an added bonus. We look forward to coming every Wednesday, thank you!

"My 2 children love coming to Stay & Play. They enjoy interacting with all the other children, playing with all the different activities put out.

Stay ’n’ Play is a FREE session for parents, carers and their children aged birth - 4years. 9am - 10.30am every Wednesday during Term Time.

It is an opportunity to meet and talk to other parents in a child friendly environment.


Mrs Evans

Senior Early Years Educator

Stay 'n' Play Manager

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