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International Cross of Nails School

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International Cross of Nails School (ICONS)


Here at All Saints Church of England Primary School and Nursery, we are proud to belong to the International Cross of Nails Schools’ (ICONS) network. We are a Primary School committed to reconciliation, and in particular the reconciliation of our pupils within school. We seek to help the children

to learn about themselves, raise their self-esteem, and value

themselves and others regardless of difference. Pupils are

encouraged to think about their own personal strengths from

an early age, and consider how to use these gifts to help others.

Through our Peacemakers and Peer Mediation programmes,

pupils are also given training on how to solve their own quarrels,

and deal with issues such as falling out in a way in which all are

ultimately reconciled.


Another aspect of the school’s reconciliation work concerns

working with our local community. Many families and children

experience challenges in their lives. We have built up trusting relationships with families and other professionals, and the school provides a quiet place

and a listening ear for those who need our support.


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The story that began it all

On the morning after Coventry and its cathedral were bombed in November 1940, Provost Howard’s words of ‘Father Forgive’ began a ministry for which Coventry Cathedral is known globally. These words, coupled with his use of a Cross of Nails (fashioned from the medieval nails of the old cathedral’s ruined roof) as a symbol of peace and reconciliation, provided a powerful message to others inspired by the healing and hope of the cathedral’s story.  From these beginnings of pursuing ‘a kinder, more Christ child-like sort of world, the Community of the Cross of Nails (CCN) was formed, and since 2009 Coventry Cathedral has operated the ICON Schools network, a programme that aims to bring this ministry of peace and reconciliation into schools so that a new generation of peace-makers and reconcilers can make their impact on their communities.

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Diocese of Coventry

Why is being an ICON school important to us?


Being a member of the International Cross of Nails Schools network is important to each of us in different ways. Here are some thoughts that have been written by our children, staff and governors that explain what it means to them.

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Diocese of Coventry
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