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Remember to use SMART rules when using the Internet on any device:

  Safe: you wouldn't give a stranger on the street personal information

               so don't do it online. Stay safe by not posting or sharing information

               ( name, address, passwords etc.)

M  Meeting: it is dangerous to meet someone that you have only talked

              to online but never met. Never meet someone without telling

              someone. Your parent's, carer's need to know!

Accepting: There are lots of ways to download information on the

             Internet. Accepting emails, IM messages, text or pictures from a

             source you don't know (a person, company etc.) may contain

             viruses or inappropriate information!

 Reliability: Just because it is on the Internet does not mean it is true

             Anyone can add or edit information on the Internet, or even lie about

             who they are! Try to stick to websites you trust for information and

             only chat to friends and family.

T  Tell: If anything happens that leaves you feeling worried or

            uncomfortable when using the Internet, you need to tell someone.

            The best people to talk to are trusted adults - parents, carers,

            teachers etc.

Remember, talking to someone for a long time online still does not mean that you really know them!

Always tell an adult if you are being cyberbullied.

Online Safety for Children

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