Religious Education and Collective Worship

It is required by law that Religious Education is taught in school. The children learn about Christianity and other world faiths and learn from themes and personal examples, about the basis of Christian faith. It helps them to understand right and wrong, and influence their attitudes and moral values as they grow up into adolescence and adulthood. Within the Religious Education syllabus, children are introduced to stories, customs and festivals of other faiths and cultures so that they may learn more fully about the multi-racial world in which we live.

At All Saints CE Primary School, we ensure children are provided with the opportunities to reflect and come together for prayer time. We pray before lunch, at the end of the day and at other given opportunities through the day.


Mrs Sandu



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Every Tuesday, Foundation Stage have a visit from Karen Berry to take assembly. Karen tells bible stories with a message, through the use of puppets, which the children really enjoy.



Dear Father God

We know you love us all

Guide us by your holy spirit

to do those things that are right.


Help us to remember those children

who are sad, lonely or unwell.

Thank you for making our school a safe and

happy place to learn and grow together.


Bless with your love all the children, their families and

those adults who work here.




 Our School Prayer

Every Monday, Reception - Year 6 have a visit from Open the Book, from All Saints Church to take assembly. Every week they read a different bible story and they choose some children to act out the story with them. The children look forward to these assemblies.

The children at All Saints C of E Primary School and Nursery have been collecting 1p and 2p coins to raise money

for children in Africa to go on a school trip – Aid2Africa.

The children at the school raised a grand total of £480 for the charity by collecting the coins and then they

had a movie night. Peter Wrigley who leads the Aid2Africa charity which is linked to All Saints Church has seen

first-hand the impact of the money raised. The school community at Waymarks Education Center,

Moi’s Bridge, Kenya will be able to use this funding to pay for children o go on a school trip.                               Photographs of Peter Wrigley

                                                                                                                                                                                   Mrs Cooke and 

                                                                                                                                                                                     children from yr 4 

                                               Mitra and Neda from the Baha’i community visited ks2 during worship time on Tuesday 21/10. They are                                                              celebrating the bicentenary of their faith this month which commenced with The Birth of the Bab. They shared                                                  the history of their faith with us and explained how they believe in unity.





To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Cross of Nails


Application to become an ‘International Cross of Nails’ (ICON) School



The immediate school community, pupils, staff and governors are fully committed to becoming an ICON school.  Whilst I haven’t specifically sought parent, carers and families views on this, I feel sure that having been headteacher here for 15 years, that they would fully support any work and actions in school which promotes the establishment of friendly relations, encourages and facilitates settlement of quarrels and creates an atmosphere of ‘kindliness’ for their children.


A recent review of the school’s aims and mission statement resulted in the re-wording of some statements .  We endeavor to use these as a basis for all our work at All Saints.