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'Learning for life, building a firm foundation.'

Reading at All Saints

At All Saints, books are at the heart of our curriculum. We believe that children have the right to be exposed to a broad range of texts to build their knowledge and foster a love of reading.

All Saints Recommended Reads

Recommended Reading Books

At All Saints, we want children, and their parents and carers to develop a love of reading alone or together. These books are great examples of books to develop children's curiosity and understanding of the world through age-appropriate books. These can be read independently or together and provide lots of opportunities to talk about the stories that are shared.

Black History Month Poetry Recital

Children from Nursery through to Year 6 learnt a poem by a Black British poets off by heart. They performed their poem, with actions, in front of other classes. The children were amazing as they had to be very courageous as they performed in front of an audience. Well done everyone.

English at All Saints

Knowledge of English, and a command of the spoken and written word, is an essential resource for a child’s learning in school. It is a tool used across the whole school curriculum, as well as being a subject in its own right.


English at All Saints is not only be a daily lesson but is at the cornerstone of the entire curriculum. Through using high-quality texts, immersing children in vocabulary rich learning environments and ensuring curriculum expectations and the progression of skills are met, the children at All Saints will be exposed to a language heavy, creative, and continuous English curriculum which will not only enable them to become primary literate, but will also develop a love of reading, creative writing and purposeful speaking and listening.

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