Relationships Education & Protective Behaviours

Relationships Education


Our relationships programme links directly to our Protective Behaviours programme,

which is fully focused on keeping the children safe.

It takes place for one week in the school year – usually second half

of the Spring Term. There are 5 lessons – one per day, which cover

5 topic areas and these areas are the same from Reception to Year 6.


1.All About Me : explores issues of personal identity - essentially looking at

what makes you - you. Looking at similarities and differences, the important

people and influences in their lives and helping to build confidence and self


2.My Relationships: explores children's families and friendships, encouraging

them to develop the skills to manage and better understand these relationships

in the real world and online.

3.My thoughts, feelings and behaviours: encourages children to

develop emotional literacy skills, including understanding their own and other

emotions, developing empathy and understand how their behaviour can effect the

people around them.

4.Me and My Body: helps children to understand their body, including their private parts;

explores body autonomy, privacy and nakedness. From year 4 on-wards children will learn about the changes that take place to boys and girls during puberty.

5.My choices and Personal Boundaries: explores concepts of consent and personal boundaries. children will understand that we like to be touched in different ways and that people have the right to choose how they like to be touched and by whom.

At All Saints we will be focusing on providing pupils with a safe place to ask questions and offer support which enables children to express and deal with their feeling in a positive manner.

Should you wish your child to be withdrawn from these sessions you are able to make a request in writing to the head teacher.

Protective Behaviours

At All Saints School we follow a county initiative to keep children safe called  Protective Behaviours. Protective Behaviours (PBs) is a practical approach to personal safety,

self-esteem, resilience and confidence building. 

Protective Behaviours has two themes:


Theme 1:        We all have the right to feel safe all the time

We carefully look at the connection between rights and responsibilities.

We explore feeling safe and the recognition of Early Warning Signs .

Theme 2:        We can talk with someone about anything even if it’s awful or small

This theme focuses on the ideas and effects of ‘talking’ and what might happen if we don’t.

We encourage everyone to develop their own personal networks of support,

those people they could turn to if in need.


Protective Behaviour lessons will begin week beginning Monday 7th September 2020 in all year groups for five weeks. 

      Mrs Clynes

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

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