Teacher/ Parent Consultation Days

At All Saints we like to keep you informed on your child's progress and their Social and Emotional Development while they are in school.

We do this through regular termly consultations with your child's class teacher. This is where you can discuss any concerns you may have, talk about any achievements your child has had, in or out of school and anything else that you would like to discuss about your child.

If you have something urgent you would like us to know, that cannot wait until your parents consultation appointment, you can either, see the class teacher at the end of the school day on the playground or make an appointment at the office to see the relevant member of staff.

By working together we can give your child/ children the best education possible.


Friday 16th July 2021

Year 3

Tuesday 13th July 2021


Thursday 15th July 2021

Year 4

Friday 9th July 2021

Year 1

Wednesday 14th July 2021

Year 5

Monday 12th July 2021

Year 2

Tuesday 13th July 2021

Year 6

Thursday 8th July 2021