Online Safety

What is Online Safety?


Technology is a fast growing part of all our lives, children can access the

internet via their television, Playstation, XBOX, IPad, mobile phones, and

many more.

Online safety is an essential life skill that children need to learn.

Children are more tech-savvy than ever, having grown up with the

technology we have seen evolve so quickly. But even though children

have as much technical know how as adults, they don't yet have the experience necessary to keep them

safe online. The positives of new technology far out weigh the negatives.

No Parent can monitor their children around the clock and it may be tempting to block access entirely. But the internet is a valuable tool, part of our modern lives, and necessary for children to learn to navigate safely. As you would protect your children in the real world, you also need to protect them in the virtual


The internet is a great place to explore, learn and have lots of fun, however, it can be dangerous if it is not used

responsibly. With the popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and You Tube people often know more about your life than you think they know. At All Saints School we take an active role in online safety to make our children safer when using new technologies and make sure they enjoy the internet safely. Our school aims to

educate staff and children to support them in developing safe online behaviour.

All Saints Online Safety Coordinators
Reception Teacher
Miss Lomas
Safe Guarding
Miss Rouse

Online Safety Update 24th May 2021

Miss Rouse our Online Safety, Safeguarding Lead has had too many worrying conversations with children about what they are watching on You Tube this week.

Although children of all ages often watch YouTube content directly via the website or main YouTube app, YouTube itself states that the only place children should be watching its videos is in the YouTube Kids app.

Sadly we are hearing of more and more worrying and upsetting content that our children are seeing on the general You Tube site so please make sure they are only streaming through You Tube Kids.

How do I convert YouTube kids to normal YouTube? Change YouTube Kids settings

1.On your device, open Family Link .

2.Select your child.

3.On the "Settings" card, tap Manage settings More. YouTube Kids. Tip: You won't find "YouTube Kids" if you haven't set up the app.

4.Under "YouTube Kids Settings," you can: Tap Edit to update content level settings. Turn Search on or off.




Parents/carers there is a potentially dangerous new app called Omegle. Omegle is aimed at children. It is a free online chat site that lets users speak to other users without registering. (Possibly allowing adults to chat with children). Users (your child/ren) can choose to talk via text chat or video call. Omegla randomly pairs users in one-on-one chat sessions where they chat anonymously using the names "You" and "Stranger" meaning users have no control over who they can talk to. Check your child’s phone! They should not be using this site, they have no idea who they are actually speaking to.

For more information on keeping your child/children safe online please visit This website provides information on PEGI ratings (the suitable age) of games and apps being used at home on your children's devices (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat all have an official age rating of 13+ and should not be on devices of Primary School children). You may want to check these against the ones they are using, are they suitable, could they be a safeguarding risk to your child/ren?

 Click on the link for
Parent's Top tips to keep your children safe online.
Click on the link for children's 
Top Tips to staying safe online.
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We're really excited to announce the launch of our Staying Safe Online Facebook community aimed at parents and their children in Warwickshire and Coventry which can be found at




Remember to use SMART rules when using the Internet on any device:

  Safe: you wouldn't give a stranger on the street personal information

               so don't do it online. Stay safe by not posting or sharing information

               ( name, address, passwords etc.)

M  Meeting: it is dangerous to meet someone that you have only talked

              to online but never met. Never meet someone without telling

              someone. Your parent's, carer's need to know!

Accepting: There are lots of ways to download information on the

             Internet. Accepting emails, IM messages, text or pictures from a

             source you don't know (a person, company etc.) may contain

             viruses or inappropriate information!

 Reliability: Just because it is on the Internet does not mean it is true

             Anyone can add or edit information on the Internet, or even lie about

             who they are! Try to stick to websites you trust for information and

             only chat to friends and family.

T  Tell: If anything happens that leaves you feeling worried or

            uncomfortable when using the Internet, you need to tell someone.

            The best people to talk to are trusted adults - parents, carers,

            teachers etc.

Remember, talking to someone for a long time online still does not mean that you really know them!

Always tell an adult if you are being cyberbullied.

Be SMART when using the Internet.

      Lockdown Laptop Donations

The county went into National Lockdown on 5th January 2021. After hearing an article on BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire we registered with, amongst others, a company called The Speedy Bear who donate devices to schools. They have very kindly donated devices, which we have gratefully received.

        “We think that the company who has donated these laptops for our school is

         very thoughtful and generous. They will help us with our learning. We want to

         say thank you very much for your kindness”. - Children

   “It’s really comforting that in these difficult times, people do still care and

   community spirt is still around”. - Mrs Kaminski-Gaze, Headteacher