All Saints Values

'Learning for life, building a firm foundation'






    ‘Learning for life, building a firm foundation’


For many years I have been attending the annual conference for Headteachers of Church Schools, organised by the diocese. One of the several ‘stands’ that has always been present for Headteachers to view has been that of Jonathon and Juliet Hemingray. They are both skilled artists. Jonathon a master wood craftsman who makes the most beautiful crosses of many designs from tiny ‘holding’ crosses to huge crosses for cathedrals, all hewn from different timber. In 2019 Mrs Kaminski-Gaze bought a cross for school using the church tithing funding. Juliet is an accomplished artist and embroiderer, designing and sewing the most beautiful hangings, depicting stories and images from the Bible, for churches, schools, hospital chapels and other places. The fabrics, colours and threads are a sight to behold.

As part of our re-focusing, raising the profile of our Church School ethos, status and supporting the work of the Church School Group, preparation for SIAMs inspection and following up actions from our previous (SIAMS) Church School inspection in 2016, I contacted Juliet Hemingray, asking her to design

a hanging for each of the House Teams - Love, Hope, Faith, Truth and Peace, which could be installed in the hall, on a more permanent basis.

The designs and choice of colours, threads and fabrics look stunning.


In the middle of October 2020, I took call from a Mrs Booton, a lady not known to me, asking to make an appointment about a donation. On Wednesday 21st October 2020 at 3.30pm I met with Mrs Booton. She has lived in Nuneaton a long time and had worked in the bank for over 20 years, and then at the local council for a similar time. Mrs Booton explained that she had a brother, Russell Hogben. She and her brother Russell had attended the original All Saints School when the building was at Coton, but her younger brother had attended this school not long after it had been opened in the 1970’s.

Her older brother Russell was a teacher and taught at Chetwynd, St Bartholemews (in Coventry) and Cannon Maggs. He was a very active member of All Saints Church, often preaching and hosting ‘house groups’. He became a governor of our school. Mrs Booton believes that he became Chair of Governors here, sometime in the 1980’s. Russell never married. He knew Cannon Philpott well (Vicar at All Saints before Frank’s predecessor Peter Brown).

At some time during his teaching career he ‘took a year out’ to follow some religious study and there was some inclination to go into the ministry. However, Russell did return to teaching.

Mrs Booton told me that Russell didn’t write a will but asked her to ensure that a donation was made to All Saints School. (She said he was aware the school had experienced difficulties).



Mrs Booton handed over cheque. The donation is for £10,000.


I was completely overwhelmed!!


Upon gaining agreement from the school governors to use the donation from Russell Hogben to place the order and pay for the House Team panels. The order was placed with Juliet Hemingray.

These panels are a fitting tribute and acknowledgement, of not only the donation, but also Russell’s time here as a governor, as a former pupil, together with his close association with All Saints Church.


‘God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform’.


In February 2021 Juliet and Jonathon Hemingray came in to school to hang the panels, which are now hanging beautifully in the school hall.


We look forward to welcoming parents and carers back in to school as soon as we are able to view the panels for themselves. In the meantime, here are some photographs of the panels in place.





Sally Kaminski-Gaze